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How to Buy a Mattress

Mattress Types | Shopping Tips | Where to Buy

Buying the right mattress can be one of the most important purchases you'll make for your home.  By selecting a quality mattress that properly supports your body, you'll enjoy years of restful sleep and awake feeling refreshed.  Select the wrong one and you'll never sleep quite as deeply or feel quite as rested as you could.  We know that shopping for a mattress can be confusing.  Deciding what to buy, where to buy, and how to get the best price is complicated by the vast number of choices available.  We're here to help.  Keep reading for a quick primer on mattress types, construction, and some insider's tips on how to buy the right one for you.






Innerspring mattresses are the most widely sold, constructed of a network of coils (springs) for support and covered by one or more types of polyester, latex, or visco-elastic foam and polyester batting for comfort.  The cover, or ticking, is stitched to the top padding, and can be made of many materials, including polyester, cotton-polyester, cotton-polyester blends, wool, damask, micro-suede, or even silk.  When shopping, pay attention to the stitching – a large quilted pattern on the top will feel a little more “cushiony”, while a smaller pattern will tend to feel a little firmer.

When shopping for an innerspring mattress, you'll likely hear references to “coil counts”...the number of coils used in the mattress.

Memory Foam:
Memory Foam mattresses have become extremely popular in recent years.  The foam technology was initially developed by NASA scientists to relieve the tremendous g-forces experienced by astronauts during blast-off.  Millions of satisfied customers swear by the way memory foam conforms to their bodies, providing support where needed, and eliminating the pressure points that previously caused stiffness, tossing and turning, and a lack of quality sleep.  Memory foam has also proven popular for those with allergies, as some are treated to be resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

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Tip #1 – Shop for Comfort
Our first tip in shopping for the right mattress is very simple—shop for the most comfortable mattress you can find and afford.  Most of us sleep, on average, eight hours per day---a third of our lives.  When spending that much time in bed, comfort is important.  Shop for comfort. 

There's no big secret to finding a comfortable mattress—we suggest visiting our store with the largest selection in town.  Try out the mattresses you like, one after the other so that you can easily compare them.  Judging comfort in a mattress is a very individual thing, so you have to do this yourself.  What's comfortable to you, may be too soft...or too firm, for someone else.  Once you've narrowed it down to the one or two that feel best, we recommend taking what we call the “10 Minute Sleep Test”.  Spend at least 10 minutes trying out your top picks.  Lie on your back, on your side, and particularly on your stomach (if you sleep that way).  Sometimes pillow-tops or mattresses that are too plush aren't as comfortable for those who sleep on their stomachs.

And don't be too concerned about how the support is described.  One manufacturer's “firm” may feel the same as another's “extra firm”.  Go by feel.  After trying a few out, a knowledgeable salesperson can guide you to other options with the “feel” you're looking for.

Tip #2 – Shop for Quality
A well-made, high-quality mattress set should last at least 8 – 10 years.  But how do you know that the mattress that feels so comfortable in the showroom will last, particularly when all you can see of its construction is the fabric cover?

There are over 700 mattress manufacturers in the U.S., from large name brands to small factory/retail locations.  Purchasing a mattress set from a reputable retailer can provide you with assurances that quality materials and methods were used in its construction.  Manufacturers like Symbol, for example, manufacture over a half million mattress sets per year.  They purchase the steel, foam and fabrics used to make their mattress sets at far lower prices than a manufacturer making only a few thousands sets per year, and can afford to use better quality components inside their mattresses, where they can't be seen.

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It seems that everyone's selling mattresses these days – traditional specialty mattress stores, department stores, furniture stores, factory/retail operations...even home improvement and appliance stores.  So where should you go to get the best mattress, the best advice, and the best price?  We'll give you our view and let you decide.

When shopping for a mattress, selection is important – more mattresses to choose from means a greater chance that you'll find the perfect mattress for you.  Most department stores, furniture stores, and appliance stores carry one, or maybe two brands, usually in only a couple different models.  Factory/retail operations, by definition, typically carry only one brand (their own) in a few models.

The odd home improvement store that dabbles in mattresses might have one brand in one model and a couple sizes ticked back somewhere between screen doors and the paint department.

As a specialty mattress retailer, we know that no single manufacturer has all the answers when it comes to comfort. That's why we carry a wide variety of different innerspring and memory foam mattresses in different models and sizes. At any given time, you will find up to 20 different mattresses on our showroom floors.

Knowledgeable Advice
More and more retailers, like appliances stores and home improvement stores, are now selling mattresses as a sideline.  It should come as no surprise that finding someone to provide you with knowledgeable answers when shopping for mattresses can be a challenge – mattresses just don't represent enough of their businesses to send everyone to training.

At Mr. Mattress, selling mattresses is all we do.  Our salespeople are friendly and knowledgeable.  They can not only tell you exactly what's inside the mattress that you can't see, but can explain the differences between various brands.

Personal Commitment
Unlike the big box stores, shopping at a locally-owned, community business provides you with a personal degree of caring that you won't find at large box stores.  Owners who are a part of the local community are much more concerned about providing affordable quality and service for their customers/neighbors which they pass on the street every day.

And by asking you the right questions, they'll help you find the perfect mattress for you.

Getting the Best Price
Everyone likes a deal.  Where's the best place to get a good deal?  At a locally-owned place that buys and sells more than the other guys.  At Mr. Mattress, buying and selling mattresses is all we do; and we buy...and sell lots of mattress.

Thank you for your time in visiting our site today.  We look forward to meeting you in person!

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